Community Programs

Cardinal Buddies Mentorship Program

High school students serve as mentors to students in grades 2-5.  “Big and Little Buddies” are matched for one-on-one activities such as reading, art, crafts and games.  They meet as a group with direct supervision by the Youth First Coordinators.


Camp Eastview

Provides structured activities for students among the nearly 300 families that live at Eastview Mobile Home Park in Annandale.  Students join together for arts, crafts, reading, sports, games, circle time and snacks.  Camp Eastview takes place outdoors at Eastview Mobile Home Park.

Community Volunteers

Improving lives by coordinating community school and youth volunteers to work together, creating a healthier community.


Community Clean-up Week

Gives students useful roles in the community and teaches them the value of community and teaches them the value of community service.  Eigth grade students are bussed to locations such as Camp Courage, Camp Friendship, Lake Marie State Park or local destinations to clear brush, clear trails, rake, plant trees or help with repairs.


Yoga on the Beach

Free yoga classes weekly for all shapes, sizes, ages and fittness levels!  Held on the local beach during summer season, and indoors the rest of the year.  These classes are available due to a generous local grant for community-wide yoga.


Community Youth Nights

Annandale Middle School students are given oppurtunities for supervised activities during high-risk times.  On Friday nights, students may be involved with roller skating, swimming, basketball, musical productions, theater or bowling.


After the Bell

Middle School students meet as a club twice a week, during high-risk after school time, for friendship, arts, crafts, food and fun.


AMS Buddies

Helps students with their transition to the middle school.  Fifth grade children meet for activities including crafts, art, outdoor activities, food and fellowship.  High school mentors assist with this club.

Centennial Villa Bingo

Weekly Bingo games promote intergenerational activities between youth and senior citizens.

Brochure and Donation Form

How We are Funded

Youth First, Inc. receives donations from local individuals, groups and organizations along with financial support from the Wright County Family Services Collaborative.

A huge thank you to Wright Hennepin Electric Coop’s Operation Round Up for their generous contribution toward our mentorship programs in 2017-2018!

Click here to download a printable copy of the Youth First brochure.

Click here to download a printable copy of the Youth First brochure.

Building Assets

The Search institute has identified 40 developmental assets that help kids avoid negative or risk-taking behaviors, and help kids mature into healthy adults.  The Assets fall into eight categories:

Support – Young people need support from the people important to them at home, at school, at church and in their community.

Empowerment – Youth need to know that the community values them and that they have a meaningful role in our community life.

Boundaries and Expectations – Young people need clear and consistent standards of behavior.  They need people to have high expectations for them.

Time Use – Young people need to be involved in programs that offer creative, constructive and challenging things to do.

Educational Commitment – Youth need to develop a personal commitment to life-long learning and education.

Positive Values – Youth need a core of positive beliefs and convictions that guide their choices.

Social Competencies – Young people need to develop skills that help them function independently and competently.

Positive Identity – Youth have a sense of control over their lives and positive view of their personal future.

Board of Directors

2018 – 2019
Annandale Youth First Board of Directors

Elected June, 2018

Jeff Lundquist, Chair
Dawn Schaefer-Stumpf, Secretary
Carmen Merrill, Treasurer
Karen Millner, Director
Tim Prom, Director
Kelly Hinnenkamp, Director
Officer Pete Standafer
Molly Merrill, Director
Zane Schaefer, Director
David Burd, Director
Russ Fortner, Director
Mary Barkley Brown
Pam Wurm





How It Began

In the fall of 1996, a small group of community members gathered with a shared vision of creating healthier youth.

In the winter of 1997, the Search Institute survey was administered to our youth in grades 6-12. The results of the survey were released at a town meeting. The survey pointed out many challenges facing our youth and community.

Thus, Youth First began with a mission to create Healthy Youth. Healthy Youth will create a Healthy Community. The Youth First Board of Directors is made up of community members representing five main sectors: Schools, Civic, Congregations, Business and Parents.

Shortly after the Board was formed, non-profit and incorporation followed. In 2001, 501(c)3 status was obtained. The Board meetings are open to the public along with copies of our minutes and financial information available upon request.