Building Assets

The Search institute has identified 40 developmental assets that help kids avoid negative or risk-taking behaviors, and help kids mature into healthy adults.  The Assets fall into eight categories:

Support – Young people need support from the people important to them at home, at school, at church and in their community.

Empowerment – Youth need to know that the community values them and that they have a meaningful role in our community life.

Boundaries and Expectations – Young people need clear and consistent standards of behavior.  They need people to have high expectations for them.

Time Use – Young people need to be involved in programs that offer creative, constructive and challenging things to do.

Educational Commitment – Youth need to develop a personal commitment to life-long learning and education.

Positive Values – Youth need a core of positive beliefs and convictions that guide their choices.

Social Competencies – Young people need to develop skills that help them function independently and competently.

Positive Identity – Youth have a sense of control over their lives and positive view of their personal future.